Google Script/Formula HELP! Want to send different emails based on response on Google Form

  • I have a Google Form which the Responses go into Google Sheets. I have been trying for days to get a formula or script to work. We have 7 locations and one of the answers on the form asks which clinic location they want to attend. So I want to have the response emails go to separate people based on the location answer (which is in column D). I have used the following formula with it and no luck:
    I have also tried a form emailer script with this formula but it kept sending blank form emails continuously, I had to remove it after getting 376 emails.

    =IF($D2=”Location 1”, [email protected],IF($D2=”Location 2”, [email protected],IF($D2=”Location 3”, [email protected],IF($D2=”Location 4”, [email protected],IF($D2=”Location 5”,[email protected],IF($D2=”Location 6”,[email protected],IF($D2=”Location 7”,[email protected])))))))

    Any suggestions/help would be appreciated! Thank you! I am not very good at coding yet, Learning :)

  • Anyone have any suggestions??? Please??

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    Hi @skillsprout, I can't really tell whats the issue without looking at your data. Can you share your google sheet with some sample data?

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