Selenium with Chrome throws an error upon execution

  • Hi Ranjith, hope you are doing fine. Running my script using PhantomJS, I find desired results. However, when I run the same using chrome, It breaks throwing an error - "Disable developer mode extensions". I tried a lot to bring results using chrome but fails miserably. How can I make a go? Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It's a known issue. Here's how to solve it -

  • Thanks Ranjith, for your response. Although it's a known issue, I could find any solution nowhere. However, you are very close. The browser is not showing the "disable extension" tag but a blank page is there instead. I'm stuck at this point. Please, do let me know If I'm wrong with what I'm doing. The code I tried with:

    Sub Selenium_Testing()
    Dim webdriver As Object
    Dim posts As Object, post As Object
    Browser = "chrome"
    Set webdriver = CreateObject("Selenium.WebDriver")
    With webdriver
        .AddArgument ("--no-sandbox")
        .AddArgument ("--disable-extensions")
        .Start Browser, ""
        .get "/bakery"
    End With
    Set posts = webdriver.FindElementsByXPath("//li[@class='productPreview  ']")
    For Each post In posts
        i = i + 1
        Cells(i, 1) = post.FindElementByXPath(".//h4/a").Text
    Next post
    End Sub

  • I've got it sorted. Turn out that when I downloaded the updated chromedriver.exe and pasted it to this folder "C:\Program Files\SeleniumBasic", It works like magic without adding any argument in my script.