Concept question of Best Practice... JSON display in a jQuery Grid.

  • What development environment do you feel is BEST to create a process of displaying data.

    With so many development options - should one begin with Eclipse and develop Java Spring apps, or?

    I am seeking a solid approach to take csv data and display it in a jQuery grid, such as ParamQuery.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    @Tahor-Sui-Juris I think that your requirement is to display data from your database in a website using ParamQuery Jquery plugin and also save the data back to the database if changes are made in the ParamQuery grid.

    You can create a simple API like this - in any language. Let's say you build an API called You can create 2 API endpoints, one endpoint to fetch data - and one to save data

    So everytime when someone loads your website, you make an ajax call to which will respond with JSON data, use it and initialize paramQuery. When user makes changes to data and clicks save data then make a call to save endpoint which saves the data. This is how It's done in most of the apps.

    Because You don't have experience building APIs, I would suggest you to get started using is a simple json storage service which supports storing and updating json data. But all the data is public (Use it only for testing). You can use this with some fake data to store some json, pull it on your website, display the data in paramquery and also update data using a PUT request. Check the documentation here -

    Once you understand how stuff works then you can build your own API in any language. Try Node.js for you first API

    Hope that helps!

  • Excellent! Yes it helps.

    Thank you, you are the BEST!

  • @ranjithkumar10

    Ranjith, your Forum is great for me. I appreciate knowledgeable persons of whom are kind to instruct and share.

    I am hoping you can be my JSON person of whom, I can become an expert in all aspects of JSON.

    I am pursuing Certifications from W3 to begin, and expand from there with other earned credentials.

    Below is my curriculum:
    coding KARMA - at least I am doing something about it!

    1. HTML5

    2. CSS

    3. JavaScript Essential Training - Joe Marini

    4. Mobile Web Fundamentals - Joe Marini

    5. jQuery Essential Training - Joe Marini
      5a. jQuery Code School

    6. jQuery Mobile Essential Training - Joe Marini

    7. JSON - Ranjith Kumar -

    8. paramQuery PRO -- ? instructor / courses to be found

    9. XHR - XMLHttp Request -- ? instructor / courses to be found

    10. API - David Berlind -

    11. Node.js / React / - Mike Dalisay -

    Today, my focus is to complete the project you assisted me, regarding the second XHR with the jsession cookie.

    "That website is using JsessionId for security. I don't know what's their expiry period. If it is forever then this will work -

    If sessionId expires in a day or after few hours then you have to make one request for accepting the terms which sends jsessionId in cookie. Then you have to parse it using http.getAllResponseheaders() method and use it in further POST requests as mentioned.

    Am reviewing these instructions to resolve the jsessionid cookie.

    Any supportive links for instruction in this, greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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