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  • Is the timeout=15 a unit of measure in SECONDS?

    The client cannot specify the timeout, it is the server configuration that determines the maximum timeout value. The extra Keep-Alive header can inform the client how long the server is willing to keep the connection open (timeout=N value) and how many requests you can do over the same connection (max=M) before the server will force a close of the connection.

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    timeout: indicating the minimum amount of time an idle connection has to be kept opened (in seconds). Note that timeouts longer than the TCP timeout may be ignored if no keep-alive TCP message is set at the transport level.

    max: indicating the maximum number of requests that can be sent on this connection before closing it. Unless 0, this value is ignored for non-pipelined connections as another request will be send in the next response. An HTTP pipeline can use it to limit the pipelining.

    documentation here -

  • Excellent, thank you!

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