Selenium and Firefox

  • Hi,
    just starting out on this stuff, I've read the suggested use of Selenium to navigate/scrape websites... but I'm not sure with the recent changes to Firefox (my default browser) if I would be going down a dead end... is the Selenium driver still applicable?

    My project needs to log into websites, scrape some data etc from VBA.
    I have the basics working for "vanilla" websites, but logging into sites running scripts etc has me stumped using my existing toolkit ... hence I'm wondering if Selenium is still the answer ;-)

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    Hi Sharkie, Selenium is still the answer if used with any other programming languages but Selenium-VBA is not the answer because It is not actively maintained. The developer of Selenium-VBA seems to have stopped updating the wrapper.

    You might face some issues even after manually updating the browser drivers.

  • Thanks... I have since got Selenium wrapper working... on some sites, just peachy. Works a treat ;-) Yes i needed to get the latest chrome driver, after that - all good!.

    I have an issue with one site I really want to get to... login to I am a paid subscriber...

    Using exact same method as other site, I cannot even get started, ie picking up the username input just fails. Wondering what is special here... could it be OAUTH? I know nothing about that... but saw it mentioned elsewhere. I have no idea even how to tell if this site uses some such authentication... any suggestions?

    If I should open this in another thread.. let me know ;-)


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