JAVASCRIPT help with Sheetsu API

  • I read this

    and wanted to make one of my own for a company i am working for

    i made my own spreadsheet to match the blood donor example and copied the code directly from github

    however it is not displaying on the example website (originally thought to be because of too many rows)

    nor mine

    not sure what the error is
    my website is

    i changed all the links to mine and left the rest of the code the same

    and my api displays this


    [{"Name":"john","City":"pittsburgh","Phone":"1234","Group ":"A+","Address":"114 alsdf"},{"Name":"P","City":"la","Phone":"42","Group ":"A+","Address":"125norton "},{"Name":"daria","City":"oc","Phone":"4200","Group ":"O+","Address":""}]


    so there is clearly some error in the display of the search results

    any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated

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